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This matching No. Charger R / T from 1971 is one of 2172 pieces produced, only 11 pieces were in this original color labeled GF7 (Dark green metalic). 1971 was also the last year that the car was produced in a sporty version of the R / T with a powerful 440 magnum engine tuned to 375 HP.

The car has undergone a very demanding and detailed renovation. It was disassembled literally into the last screw, the body underwent a complete renovation, precise plumbing, salvation and at the end was professionally applied quality paint in the original shade together with 5 layers of paint. The whole car was rebuilt using original, period and aftermarket parts for this vehicle. The vehicle has a so-called broadcast sheet, according to which it can be seen that the engine number corresponds to the body. Many original parts are used on the car.

The engine was completely dismantled and refurbished, as well as the chassis, transmission and other components.

The interior of the car was completely restored and upholstered in original materials and shades.

The car is completely new electrical wiring.

The vehicle has:

Original matching engine block, crank, connecting rod

Original head

Original gearbox

Factory power steering

Factory disc brakes front and drums rear

Original original air conditioning inside the car / new compressor and wiring in the engine section

Original 8 3/4 Rear Axle (489)

The original bonnet and liner

Mirror original

AM radio

and many other components.


Dodge Charger R / T 1971

color: GF7 - dark green metallic

Torqueflite 727 automatic transmission

Rear axle 8 3/4 with 3.55: 1 Richmond Gear

adjustable dampers Competition Engineering

11 ”drums at the back and discs at the front

engine 440cui big block

carburettor Edelbrock Thunderseries 650cfm

sucking Edelbrock performer RPM

Original head

cam and staples Edelbrock

forged pistons 440 source

Hooker Supercompetiton downspouts

3 ”exhaust

air conditioning

power steering

split seats in front

original AM radio

wheels: 15 × 7 “, 235/55 R15 Cooper Cobra tires

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